Do you need to find your next customer? Are you trying to launch your next product, service, or business idea?

My name is Ken Course and I've been the digital marketing expert for some of the biggest experts in the speaking, training, and personal development industries.

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You might be looking for my company - Explore Momentum - where you can learn more about the services I provide...

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I Speak and Train Experts and Growing Businesses

I've been a featured speaker and trainer at over 150 events in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK

I've shared stages with Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Rick Frishman, Mark Victor Hansen and many, many more

These are some of my favorite topics for speaking and training:

  • How to create 6 figure consulting business
  • How to find new customers with digital marketing
  • Creating funnels to make more money for every customer
  • Developing powerful and profitable programs
  • How to build a scalable business that lasts
  • How to become a passionate, influential leader
  • Developing your vision for success

I'm a certified AND experienced digital marketing expert, so I mostly talk about growing your business...

Over the last 10 years, I've built a career and a business based on developing profitable marketing campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes.

As a certified expert, I stay on top of the latest trends in the Digital Marketing space. 

Ken Course - Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Ken Course - Certified Social and Community Manager
Ken Course - Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist
Ken Course - Certified Content Marketing Specialist
Ken Course - Certified Email Marketing Specialist
Ken Course - Certified Search Marketing Specialist
Ken Course - Certified Optimization and Testing Specialist
Ken Course - Certified Analytics and Data Specialist
Ken Course - Awesome

There's a lot more to learn about me and what I do in my bio...

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