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What We Build

Over the course of my day-to-day work with various clients, most of whom happen to be small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs, I am always surprised by how elusive the concept of “brand” can be to some.

“Brand,” especially in this day and age, can be a somewhat confusing concept.  Too often, it’s confused with an external construct, a glittering tower that we must build on the horizon for all travelers to see.

In having the fortune to work with so many amazing people, one verifiable truth has continually emerged.  Especially now, as we continue to explore a golden age of communication and information, this becomes far more important.

Your “brand,” whether you’re simply representing yourself, a business, or a company MUST reflect you.

“Wow,” you’re probably thinking.  “Such a common sense payoff despite all of the foreshadowing.”

The fact is, sometimes the greatest truths in any areas of our lives, be them personal or business, often boil down to simple elements that our logic attempts to rebuild as more complex than they actually are.  Simplicity in thought about your “brand” or representation is just as vital as your ability to convey your message in that fashion.

As you’re building momentum toward whatever goal it is that you seek to achieve, it’s important to step back and reflect from a simpler perspective.  Sometimes you might even label these as the “dumb questions” to ask.

If you were explaining your goal to someone in the most basic of terms, regardless of whether you are trying to sell them or convince them (which are the same, by the way), is it easily understood?  Furthermore, does it resonate in your presentation?  Is it something that you truly believe?  If not, what prevents you from that truth in your belief?

Even the most masterful and eloquent sometimes struggle with the connection between mind, heart, soul, and purpose.  As your confidence and commitment grow stronger, you’ll often find that the challenges become far more visible.

The “construct on the horizon” is a mere illusion compared to the cities that we surround ourselves with through sheer creativity.

The important question is:  What will you build today?