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Ken is a Guest on Amplified with Ken Rochon

Host Ken Rochon amplifies the messages of two phenomenal entrepreneurs Ken Course and Chetan Chadha.  Host producer Geetha Krishnan and Strategist Joyce White Nelson are amped up to amplify messages of all our speakers worldwide.

Ken Course has helped with his company Explore Momentum, thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs world-wide reach their goals. He’s generated over $50 million in revenue online for clients and partners in over 10 years of digital marketing. Chetan Chadha is the CEO of a cool App Styckie which matchmakes you with nearby event vendors. It could be any event from Corporate to Celebration to Weddings and parties the app has every solution and the go-to person on it.

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Ken is a Guest on the Marketing and Finance Podcast

Ken’s interview with UK-based Roger Edwards on the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

In this episode Ken and Roger discuss:

  • How to focus on your highest and best skills and outsource the rest
  • Systemising the most common questions you get asked to free you up to find more clients
  • Reducing your reliance on referrals by tapping into technology
  • Why the world now revolves around answering questions
  • How were all teachers and why we need to stand out

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Ken is a Guest on the Work @ Home Rockstar Podcast

Ken’s interview with Tim Melanson on the Work at Home Rockstar with tips and advice to stay focused and productive while working from home.

If you currently Work at Home, or you’re thinking about it, there’s a lot to cover on this episode.

What are some of the issues we discussed?

-Why delegating is so important and how it can keep you going even during times where your focus is off.

-Why coaches are such an important part of your growth process, as well as why you should change them frequently.

-The difference between coaches, mentors, and models – and which should stay the same.

-Why doing business with friends or family can be so difficult.

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