Who Is Ken Course? - Ken Course – Marketing, Sales, and Small Business Expert

Who Is Ken Course?

Dear Expert,

You’ve got big goals – which is why you need the same strategies used by the biggest experts in your industry.

If you’ve been:

-Waiting around or spending tons of time trying to develop your next product, program, or service…
-Wondering why other experts seem to have endless sources of energy and capital…
-Trying to figure out what strategies actually work to grow your business and find more customers…
-Wishing you could find someone that would help you figure out what actually works…

I’m your guy.

Together we’ll find your next customer, fill your next event, grow your database, put systems in place, and make more sales.

Or maybe you’re just here because you enjoyed one of my presentations with some of the top experts in the personal development, direct sales, and small business training industries.

If so, here’s all the important details:

-I love training in plain English, making sure that you’re getting the right info right from Step 1.
-I started in non-profit, so I learned how to do most of what I know with no budget or fancy systems.
-I have a weird sense of humor and make jokes even if I’m the only one laughing
-I love karaoke and will join you any time that you want to sing or perform.

Things I do:

-Marketing Automation
-Speaking and Training
-Developing and Launching Information Products
-Creating Your Business Systems
-Coaching (one-on-one and group)
-Speak Very Loudly

I’m the founder of Explore Momentum and lead a community called “Your Momentum Now,” which is completely built around helping you create results.

Check me out at http://exploremomentum.com or right here at https://kencourse.com.

Some places you may have seen me:

Money 105.5 in Sacramento for “Find Your Momentum Radio”
-Author 101 University
-Magnetic Speaker Event
-Explore Momentum and Your Momentum Now
-Small Business Training across the US, Canada, Australia, and UK.
-South Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Lehi, Carson City, and now Boston Area.

I’ve also been featured “Person You Should Know” in the Reno Gazette Journal and been nominated twice for the “20 Under 40 Young Professionals Award.” http://www.rgj.com/article/20131117/BIZ09/311170003/People-you-should-get-know-Ken-Course-owner-Course-Multimedia