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Back in Boston

I’m back in Boston – and soon I’m going to get to introduce you to all the people going through this process with me! I still want to talk – especially before Friday! First Name * Last Name Email – How do I schedule you? * Phone – How do I call you?


Featured in the Reno Gazette Journal

Ken Course Reno Gazette Journal

  I’m a person you should know, apparently! Well, you can get to know me here or even better on Facebook. Also, if you don’t know me – here’s what was said in the RGJ.       RGJ Article:


Finding a Voice

If you follow me on Facebook or any of my other social sites, you know that the last few months have been an amazing trial for me.  The actual illness itself was actually the beginning of a far more difficult journey of recovery. I’ve watched a wide variety of illness in family members and friends […]


What We Build

Over the course of my day-to-day work with various clients, most of whom happen to be small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs, I am always surprised by how elusive the concept of “brand” can be to some. “Brand,” especially in this day and age, can be a somewhat confusing concept.  Too often, it’s confused with […]